What Sets Us Apart

Our Commitment to…


  • Demanding from yourself the best of your ability.
  • Not being lulled into complacency.
  • The reward of a job well done is to have done it.


  • Being honest with your patients, yourself, your coworkers.
  • Keeping promises, keeping your word.
  • Being true to yourself and your beliefs on treatment.


  • Treating others as you would have yourself treated.
  • Care for patients in a way that reflects their, needs, hopes, and desires for themselves.
  • Understanding patients’ fears.
  • Understanding patients’ goals and respecting them.

Our Team

Our team has the knowledge and experience to create a friendly and relaxed environment for our patients. We are cognizant of each patient’s unique orthodontic needs and our promise is to give you the personal attention that you deserve.

Our Technology

Orthodontics is a science based on technology, and maintaining a keen eye on new developments is of chief importance to Dr. Pagan. There are technological improvements in the orthodontic profession that provide better treatment options for patients. Through continuing education courses and regional and national orthodontic meetings, Dr. Pagan is committed to remaining at the forefront of orthodontic technology. Dr. Pagan and his staff provide the highest levels of patient service while also keeping an eye on the future of orthodontics. Our technology includes:

Get started on your smile!

Your no-charge initial consultation with Dr. Pagan at our Edmonds orthodontic office will consist of an evaluation and discussion of your possible orthodontic needs. Dr. Pagan will explain if you are a candidate for orthodontic treatment, optimal time to start, and treatment options. Together, you and Dr. Pagan will then decide which direction in which to proceed based on your needs, time, and treatment options.